Friday, 16 September 2016

Friday Finishes

Celebrating 5 years of blogging, 250th post and 20 page views short of 60,000!
Thank you to all my readers, faithful long timers and newbies!

I have been wanting to share this finish with you since April when I finished the top at retreat.

Bella Luna is a kit I bought at Satin Moon in Victoria a few years ago, I had it all cut out and then got bogged down by all the work of the curves. Once I picked it back up, figured out the recipient, it was full steam ahead, I had a deadline now.

My wonderful friend Carole did an amazing job of quilting it, this Elder Moon is a scaled down version of a print I have by Roy Henry Vicars.

The recipient was quite surprised,

and moved to tears, as I predicted she would be.

This is my sister, Theresa, really happy she had a big birthday this year!!

I know I have shown this one before, but it is now in the hands of the newlyweds, awaiting some cooler weather so they can snuggle under it.

What's Up?
A free pattern from somewhere I can't remember!!

This was just finished this week and as soon as I can find a box it is on it's way to Utah for a new great-nephew, whose birth is any minute now!!

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Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Life Happens.......

Sometimes when life happens, blogging does not, but here I am back in the saddle and sewing room, ready for fall. 

Not much quilting happened this summer but I have been knitting......a lot.
It is all Christmas knitting so this is the only thing I can show you. It is for a 5 year who doesn't read my blog so I am sure I am safe! LOL

The colour is true in this shot

My sewing room just became a dumping ground over the summer but last week I managed to dig it out and get to some projects that were in pieces

A really old UFO, Quilt Diva , she is now all fused and sandwiched and ready to quilt.

This loon is part of our Boreal forest guild project to be donated and hung in the children's section at our public library. This is not an original design but it is from another old UFO that I can't find a link to. The mottled camo looking fabric is the one provided for everyone to use a bit of in their projects. Best get on this as it is to hang in our show first, end of next month!

I picked this Homecoming kit up while travelling earlier this spring. I love it and want it to hang in our show also, but it may not happen until next year! 

I made a few slab blocks last year and a few more earlier this year, but seeing as it is Canada's 150th next year I was compelled to make some of these blocks I approaching a theme here??
It is a great way to use up some scraps.
The slab tutorial and the pattern are both from Cheryl Arkinson and Sunday Morning quilts.
I hope to be back on Friday with some completed projects!

Hey Liz, this blog's for you!

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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Summer Days

Summer days seem to busy around here!

I have only been able to finish these much less than perfect mittens. So glad they are done, too hard to be really enjoyable. They fit and will be warm so they will definitely get lots of use. 

I repainted this old book cart with chalk paint

Made two batches of strawberry and one of raspberry jam

Delicious fresh berries from a local you pick farm

Bathed two reluctant but smelly camping dogs

Finished and sandwiched this baby quilt, a bit busy but colourful and fun!

And got all the hexies prepped for rosette 8!

All on top of being diagnosed with walking pneumonia (I am fine now!!), painting the last room in the basement and working.
All the things from that room were stackied in my sewing room, which is almost back to normal now, so I look forward to spending some time in there this week! Might need to hide from some of the heat predicted.

Hope you and I can both enjoy some lazier summer days! 

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Summer Projects

We had a lovely relaxing week of camping, a bit of rain almost every day but for the most part, it was sunny and warm.
I took the time to walk, cycle or do yoga just about every day and it was so rejuvenating to do it in such a beautiful peaceful setting.

I also spent a lot of time in my chair listening to audio books and finishing up this mitten, by far the hardest thing I have knit yet! It didn't help that I had put it down for a few months. Took quite a while to get back into the rhythm of handling three yarns.
It was not the most enjoyable knit ever, but it needs a mate, so I cast it on last night and hope to finish it by the end of this month. 

There a some new babies arriving this fall so I started this when I got home.

While Millie has been in time out for a few months also, it was time to bring her back out and get er' done. #7 has been prepped  for a some time, so it was easy to pick up when the knitting got too stressful!

Here she is nestled in among her neighbours.

And the big picture!
Hope to get 8 and 9 prepped this week and keep the momentum going.

For now, it is time to go paint a ceiling, woohoo!

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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Summer Solstice

The slower pace of summer is finally upon me and with all the rain we have had I have had some time in my sewing room to finish up a few things.

This is my first ever EPP project, but once it got to the boring sew the rows together part it languished. It is my June UFO so I had the motivation to get it out and done. I am just a few borders from that point, hopefully today.

Yesterday I finished up my Swoon Maker's tote, which I started and finished this year!! The most complex bag I have made, but I am pleased to have it done and put to use. It will be my new knitting tote.

During all the rainy days I finally managed to get the binding on my scrappy Sunday Morning quilt.

My new favourite panto.

My lineup of projects for the summer, July and August UFO's, a baby quilt and my contribution to the guild's library project. The theme is boreal forest and the camo looking green is the challenge fabric we all have to use.

We are off camping for a week with hubby still in the boot, but hopefully he can still back the RV into it's spot. Since I am doing the towing we won't go far. I plan to sit and read, knit and work on my Mille EPP project. With a chance of some walks and wine drinking........maybe even at the same time!

Happy Summer!

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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Life is Busy

Life has been too busy to blog, but I still managed a few finishes!

Apparently I am quite addicted to the Lumberjack socks! Here is completed pair #3

Picked up this Reverb Shawl kit while visiting the lovely new Knit2 yarn shop in Kamloops. While not perfect, it knit up quickly and once washed and blocked it is a lovely soft, cozy scarf.

I visited family and friends in BC for a week, then brought my sister back with me for a nice long visit. While she was here she did a big dig into my scrap bins and got started on a twisted log cabin.

She also learned how to make raggy quilts by helping me finish up these three totally scrappy ones, to be donated to Ft McMurray fire victims.

We spent lots of time in my sewing room so I managed to get this quilt top finished and ready for the quilter, a second one just needs the outside borders attached and it will be ready to go as well. Once they come back I will sew on some fun button eyes.

During her visit we also had our beautiful young friend graduate and were happy to be there to help her celebrate. 
As you can see hubby remains in the air-cast. We are approaching 7 weeks now and we both hope tomorrow's x-ray says it can come off and life can go back to normal! 

 Our younger sister joined us for a lovely sunny weekend, so we sat outside visiting, knitting, crocheting and drinking a few adult type beverages. 

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Sunday, 1 May 2016


I realize I have sort of fallen off the blog radar, so sorry for the absence!

It has been a busy spring in my house for a variety of reasons, spring cleaning inside and out, home renos, and all that those things entail.

I do have some finishes to share..............

Papa Lumberjack socks are finally a hospital ER........that story follows!

One of my quilting groups has an annual UFO challenge, where at the beginning of the year you list 12 UFO`s you want to complete this year. I have been successful so far in accomplishing my goals, some are finishes, some are just progress.

Above is March`s project, from a class last fall called Patchwork Play by Margie Davidson. Quite outside my comfort zone but it is complete|

This a very old UFO that was not on the list but has been sandwiched for a long time. It got dragged to retreat a few weekends ago where I completed most of the quilting. My motivation was to practice some feathers, which I did with some success in those wide yellow borders. 
I am hoping it will go camping with a certain someone this summer.

Chandelier was February`s UFO and I did get the top pieced on time. It went to my friend Judy`s to be quilted, she is a new local long arm quilter, who did a fantastic job! 

Baby panel donation quilt also got quilted at retreat.

This was April`s UFO, piecing completed at retreat. It is now hanging out at Carole`s waiting it`s turn to be quilted.

 And now the story of the trip to the ER...............
This deck is one of our home reno projects, we thought we just needed to replace the decking but soon discovered the whole lower portion was rotten as well. 

Last Friday morning we had this.....

Friday early afternoon we had this.....

Friday evening we were here.............

He was told it was just soft tissue damage (he dropped our utility trailer hitch on it, while getting it out of storage so we could pick up lumber), and to stay off it for a week.
Within 5 minutes they heard from the ortho guy, nope he had broken his second metatarsal on the right foot and we needed to see him the next morning in the hospital 200 km from us.

So we were here waiting by that lovely sign by 8:30 the next morning. A CT scan was necessary to see if it needed to be surgically repaired.  Then we waited....and waited......and knit, and read.......and waited, he wasn`t allowed food or I had to sneak out and find myself some food.............I finished the above mentioned sock and we finally got to see the surgeon. I knit over half that sock between the two ER`s!
That toque is also a finished project, he loves it and was wearing it every day before our current heat wave. 

Thankfully it did not need surgery and he is sporting that lovely footwear for the next 6 weeks. We did have to have it x-ray`d again a few days ago and we await the final surgery decision this week. 
Thanks to wonderful friends the deck in now very near completion and the lawn in mowed!

I have completed or am working on a couple of other projects destined to be gifts as well so overall, despite the crazy sleep deprived weekend last weekend and all of life`s demands, I have not been unproductive in my absence!